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Melanie Muntean is a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, and the founder of Beauty Made to Stay.

A beauty salon that specializes in semi permanent cosmetics. Growing up with a passion for makeup and making those around her look and feel their very best, Melanie has enjoyed a lengthy background in the beauty industry and created a business that is also her pleasure.

At Beauty Made to Stay, enhancing your natural features has been the main focus. There are several different styles, and techniques when it comes to microblading and permanent cosmetics, but if you’re the client looking for a transformation that will look as if you were born that way, Beauty Made to Stay is the right place for you. Your beauty will never fade if it’s made to stay.


For years and years I’ve had thin brows from over plucking through out the years. When I noticed thicker bold brows were more in style I started to fill them in myself and just was not as good at it as I thought. Melanie completely changed the brow game! I love having perfect brows that I don’t have to pencil in. The best part is that they look so natural! I was meant to have the brows she gave me. My advice, you get what you pay for and Melanie is worth every penny! Her work is unparalleled. She is a true artist
Rylie K
I’ve always been self conscious about my eyebrows pretty much my entire life. I’ve looked into and thought about micro blading for a few years, and followed Melanie’s Instagram for a good year before booking. Let me tell you she couldn’t have done a more perfect job!! I’m in love with them and knowing I don’t have to do them is a plus !! I fell asleep during the procedure because it was extremely relaxing. Everything from start to finish was flawless, and the healing process was not bad AT ALL. Trust me, if you thought about getting them done go to her!
Michelle S

Melanie Muntean


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